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Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent is a Companion Challenge blog for the CS Designs Digital Stamp Co, This is also a place for Paper-Crafters, Mixed Media, Collage and Assemblage Artist to share their artistic projects made with with recycled, throw way, & second hand materials. We look forward to seeing your fabulous projects and being inspired by your recycled art ideas and hope you will enjoy what we have to share with you as well.
Remember!!! ... We always allow Anything Goes but any project you enter Must Still Include Recycling, or be Re-Purposed or Re-Invented. Also Note: We will offer prized only when there is a special Themes and only those following the special theme will be eligible to be chosen as a Winner and receive a prize.

We will have Guest Artists on a rotating or returning basis. If you interested please write to Chris and send in your application.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Going Postal Recycle Art Challenge

Welcome to another challenge at Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent. We hope you have been enjoying what we create for you as much as we enjoy seeing the projects you share with us.

If you played in our last challenge our top 3 winners will be announced on the 20th of Nov  on our Winners page which you can find through our top navigation menu.

Before we get to the theme of our challenge we have some important news we would like to share with you.

We're having a Design Team and Guest Designer Call.

Would you love to join our Fabulous Team. If so please add either DT or GD after your name in your entry, or visit CS Designs for more information. We look forward to working with you and having you on out Team.

Our first challenge for November is called Going Postal and it has everything to do with postage and mailing. If you haven’t mailed all your Christmas Cards and packages, you better hurry or just like the Rabbit in Alice in Wonder Land, you‘ll be saying I‘m Late! I‘m Late!

While you're at it why not clean out all that old postal paraphernalia and do a little creating with it and share it in our challenge. To give you some ideas of what to look for, here is a list of postal related items you might find laying around your desk or office. Remember the items you use should be used and not new: Letter and Mailing Envelopes, Postage Stamps, real or faux, Stamp Booklets, Old Postcards, Mailing and Address Labels, Custom Declarations, Pages from Old Stamp Catalogs.

 As always we always also allow anything goes but only those that follow our theme will be eligible  for any prized given.

And now some Fabulous examples from our team.

I used 7 of the images from the postal collections for my writing desk.   

The recycled articles I used in the project are 

Wooden box from a laboratory I found at a garage sale
Child's small tea cup
Avon bottle which I added dye ink to antique it
Old Post Card
Old letter
Candle holder that I made into a picture frame and to hold my wrapping cord
India Ink and old straight nib pen 
Old pair of glasses 

I had lots of fun with this design.  

I used several recycled items on my project.
Firstly, my background scenery is from a leaflet I received in the mail. 
I used recycled cereal to back these as the leaflet was a little thin.
The corrugated cardboard was from a UPS I received some goodies in 
and the antennas are made from copper wiring from an old computer cable that I stripped.
Lastly, the cheesecloth is from a sling that was no longer sterile.

I have used a vintage tool box and turned it into my new tool box for all my shipping needs.  Going to the Post Office has always been a nightmare and stressful ordeal for me.  "Going Postal" has a whole definition now because everything is in one place.  And using all these beautiful images from CS Designs was so much fun.  

  I wish I knew how old this box is.  The handle is almost frayed apart and I love it.  

 It's full of office supplies and some things from the post office as well.  

A top view of how things are organized inside.

 The bottom cans (above) are recycled dog food cans.  The small top one is one I have had in the garage for quite some time.  I absolutely love the paper from CS Designs - all those fish bones.

This is an altered small composition book and a set of six greeting cards (all different themes) made from recycled cardboard.  There is also cardstock on the back of each one so that I can write some notes before mailing them.

 This is a small notebook I also made from recycled chipboard and covered with cardstock.  I also made pockets on each page to hold some of the forms I might need to use when I go to the post office.

  As you can see this pocket holds certified and registered mail forms.  The other pages hold postage stamps and other mailing documents. 

These are a variety of magnets I made so I can also utilize the inside lid too  

And the photos below are photos are some of the different greeting cards I made from recycled cardboard boxes from the garage.

I have had the idea for this challenge and this project for over a year now and it was fun finely getting to try some of the things I had envisioned.  My project for today is an Altered Asian writing &  desk set. For more photos and how-tos visit my Doodle Pieces.

Chris / CS Designs & Doodle Pieces

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